Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids Today

I am a little bit shocked by kids now.  I know that I was pretty much a nerdy good kid growing up so maybe I just missed all of this stuff.  But, I don't remember in 7th and 8th grade that there were parties with weed and alcohol and I certainly don't remember those types of parties being around in 6th grade.  Nor do I remember having conversations at birthday parties at 12/13 years old about some boy's "cock."  Yet all of these things are happening now.  

I don't have kids (thankfully) but I get the privilege of being the "favorite aunt."  Therefore, the kids tell me everything - literally.  Because I'm the cool aunt, all of the kids' friends want to be my friend.  My issue today is the discussions I have seen on facebook between a few 12 and 13 year old girls.  One such discussion goes like this:

Kid 1: harder, harder, harder
Kid 2: dang! slow down
Kid 1: ;)
Kid 3: get it in!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  "get it in."  I guess it shouldn't surprise me.  Afterall, one of the nieces did tell me that at a birthday party recently, a friend of hers was describing an ex-boyfriend's cock in great detail.  I don't even know the last time I used that word I find it so foul.  But, this is the same niece who shared with me that this same child went to a different birthday party where a group of girls met a group of boys at the movies and this child allowed some boy to finger her.  

I do not think in 7th grade that I even knew what that was.  Has our society become so obsessed with hurrying things along that we are also rushing children to grow up?  Where is the parenting here? How about when a 7th grader posts on her friend's wall on facebook (joking of course) "im gunna fucking kill you"  I don't care if you're joking or not, if you were my kid, you would get your mouth washed out with soap.  

Ok, enough of my soapbox for today.

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